Idiot Kid On Climbing Frame Waving Back Like He Just Conquered Mount Everest Or Something


AN IDIOTIC child on a local playground climbing frame still insists on waving back at his parents every few minutes like he has just conquered Mount Everest or something, WWN has learned.

“He just keeps looking over at us to see if we’re watching him climb the thing,” mother Tina Roche explains, half-heartedly waving back at her son Fiachra, “like, he’s not even at the top of it, he’s only halfway up and sill expects some kind of praise for that?”

Desperate for even more attention, the 7-year-old began shouting at his parents to continually pay attention to him, who were just 6 feet away.

“Why is he even shouting – we’re right here,” dad Thomas said, slightly embarrassed at his son’s poor effort and needy attitude in general, before suggesting to his wife to take turns staring at him, “I can’t even look over at him, Tina, give him a wave or something there, shut him up”.

Finally making it to the top of the playground climbing frame after several agonising minutes, Fiachra Roche let out one last cry for attention, forcing both parents to now react positively to his lame achievement.

“Well done on climbing the same frame you’ve been climbing for the past three years, Fiachra. Amazing feat, kid, you’ll go far,” both parents laughed to themselves, now pretend smiling and saying what a great boy he was.