Paul Galvin’s Favourite Hairy Wallets From Wish


Hi guys! Former Kerry footballing prodigy and current style icon God Paul Galvin here. It’s an absolute honour to be asked to review my favourite hairy wallets from Wish and get paid a substantial fee for doing so. They say if you get paid doing the job you love, you’ll never have to work another day in your life again, but yet here I am, writing for a local newspaper.

It actually took me 6 months to research this article as I had to wait for my chosen products to arrive from China in the post, but boy, was it worth it.

His & Hers wallets

Purchased for €1 each, these matching pair of cow hair wallets caught my phone’s cache the second I typed in ‘Hairy Wallets from Wish’ and they didn’t disappoint either. Originally purchased in July 2020, before being transported around the world twice and left in a warehouse in Amsterdam for two months over EU animal hide quarantine issues, I was thrilled to see these arrive just in time for Christmas and made a great present for my vegan friends Tony and Trish, who I haven’t heard from since.

Hello Kitty Wallet

Not originally what I ordered, this Hello Kitty wallet I bought didn’t look anything like the famous cartoon character that was on the image, but instead was an actual taxidermied cat, complete with head and teeth. Despite the odd smell and manic stare, I was quite happy to receive this product as it is a real conversation piece when anyone walks into my house now, “oh, was that your cat?”, to which I usually reply “ah, don’t mind him, he’s after eating one of my books, he’ll be grand in a while”.

Trump Wallet

Claiming it was made from original Trump hair, I was disappointed to find this replica hairy Donald Trump wallet to not only be of no use at all due to its poor strap, but I couldn’t fit anything of importance into it. In fact, there was very little storage room at all to put anything, rendering it useless as a wallet, but great for cleaning floors.

Hairy Ballsack Wallet

They may be small, sparsely covered in real pubic hair from various individuals, but this neat little pocket wallet goes with me everywhere. Perfect for carrying around coins, I just love whipping these bad boys out when someone on the street asks me for change, with the real change being their facial expressions when they see it. Ideal for hungry hoors who love a laugh. 10/10

That’s all my fav hairy wallets from Wish for now. Join me next time when I review coronary artery stents from the middle aisle in Lidl.