Child Horrified To Find Parents Squandered Entire Piggy Bank Fund On Tips For Delivery Drivers


A WATERFORD kid is today seeking legal counsel after the revelation that his parents have spent all the money he had stashed away on themselves, often creeping into his room at night to siphon away his savings one euro at a time.

Cathal Denanny, 10, was under the impression that he had upwards of 60 euro saved in his piggy bank, until he moved it while tidying his room yesterday and found it ‘much lighter’ than he had anticipated.

A horrified Cathal confronted his parents about the issue, only to learn that they had been ‘dipping into’ his savings whenever they need 2 euro for a tip for fast food delivery drivers – often for takeaways that Cathal himself didn’t even get to share.

“While I slept at night, they rifled through my life savings, not even to feed themselves; but to give as a gratuity to the delivery man, to make sure he would give them preferential service like free prawn crackers and such” stated young Denanny, at a court hearing where he is seeking to emancipate himself from ‘this entire fucking family’.

“When I think of what that money was supposed to buy. Match Attax. Fifa points. Maybe even one day, a PS5. And now it’s all gone; and I didn’t even get a chip out of it. I would have accepted some responsibility if they’d called me downstairs to have a bowl of fried rice and watch telly with them, stay up late, but no”.

Mr. & Mrs. Denanny have been ordered to repay their son in full, and are currently eyeing up their daughter Hannah’s little purse of money to make the payments from.