We Meet The Mayo Man Still Chewing The Gum Joe Biden Left Behind During Last Visit


WWN TRACKED down the one remaining Irish person who hasn’t already been interviewed on international TV and made a holy show of the nation, Mayo man Tom Breen.

Breen has a unique and very worthy connection to the 46th president of the United States, in that he recycled chewing gum once chewed by Joe Biden during his 2011 visit to Ireland into his own mouth where it has remained ever since.

“You can’t honestly sit there and tell me you wouldn’t throw yourself at something like that, tongue first, in the hopes of getting a wee bit of history inside your mouth,” Breen enthusiastically shared, happy to pose with the gum in his mouth.

“Are you with the BBC or the Americans? My Maureen still has the tape of it if you want a copy, you can see me in the background of the Six One News, Biden sort of half drops it, spits it out of his mouth and I pounce like a fox,” continued Breen.

“Ye have to get up early to catch me out, I got to it before no more than 10, 15 people walked over it with their shoes and it’s been in my mouth ever since. It’s nice to know in a way that although he’s in America now, a bit of his saliva remains in Ireland, the land of his people, but it’s in my mouth,” said Breen, who regularly spits on people using ‘genuine Biden saliva remnants’, for a small fee.

“The twelve years have flown by if I’m honest, but I only did what any other Irish person would do. For God sake, he left Ireland a simple downtrodden wretch of a man and look at him now – he gets to die in the White House!

Breen has been approached several times by collectors, seeking to purchase the gum, but he maintains he will not sell it.

“You have to keep something to pass down to the kids, y’know?”

Breen said it took him over a year to chew and process the grit, gravel and questionable ‘earthen elements’ attached to the gum out of his mouth, but ‘Chewy’, as he dubbed the gum, has remained in his mouth ever since.

“Well apart from that time I accidentally swallowed it – that was a tense time, waiting and hoping it passed through me ‘intact’, but thank God it did. A quick wash and it was back in the gob,” concluded Breen.