RTÉ Documentary Makes Public Really Sad About Homelessness For A Whole Hour


LAST night’s RTÉ Investigates programme offered viewers a look into the lives of several rough sleepers in our nation’s capital, prompting an outpouring of emotion on social media that lasted until almost midnight.

“Ah that’s terrible, God love them. Imagine being out in that weather on a night like tonight” sighed one viewer, before turning his attention to a video of a pup hugging a duck.

“56 dead in the first 11 months of last year? Jesus Christ, that’s high – isn’t it? What’s an annual average? I could look it up, but it’s just all a bit depressing isn’t it? God, I wish I hadn’t watched that show now. It’s put me on a real downer, and I could have done without that on a Monday if I’m honest” added another, while pledging to donate money to ‘some homeless charity’ the next time they see one.

“That young lad, only 20, sleeping rough because he was turned away from a hostel. But then he went on to say he uses drugs on occasion, and your sympathies subside a bit. I have a house and I don’t use drugs – surely it’s that simple. Get off the drugs and you’ll be grand kid” said one Waterford woman who was only kinda watching the show, between bouts of playing some shite on her phone.

“Ah it’s terrible, but you know what, the government have it all in hand I’m sure. And if they don’t nail it this time, they’ll sort it in the future – I see no reason to rock the boat by voting for anyone else just right now. FF/FG are playing the long game, it’s best to just leave them to it for another ten years or so” agreed one man, with himself.