11 Pictures Of Fun Activities That, Honestly, Will Just Piss You Off


FRUSTRATED by the fact there’s fuck all to do? Well then, whatever you do don’t look at these fun things to do that frankly will just piss you off to look at.

Sake! And normally you’d be saying bowling’s shite.

Shit music. Can’t hear anyone. Wall to wall doses. Fuck, you’d miss it all the same.

Sorry, we told you it’d just piss you off. Can’t remember the last time we got to lick a door handle.

Friday night dogging. Half of New Zealand probably doing it now, the Covid-free pricks.

An escape room! Actually, you’ve probably had your fill of being locked in without escape.

Spare a thought for those urban dwellers who can’t bury a body up the mountains these days since that’s outside their 5k limit.

Drunken fighting in shebeens just isn’t the same as the real pub brawl experience.

Can’t be the only ones who miss the morning hang gliding down the town.

Ah fuck off now, honestly!

You’re that desperate he could even get away with playing Ed Sheeran covers. Fuck it, you even miss the shite 10 minute long pre-song rambling stories about ‘how this one came to me in a dream while I was on a yoga retreat in Ballintubber’.

The overpriced food. The loud chewer you can hear 8 tables over. That table full of people with annoying laughs. Eight agonising hours trying to split the bill. The one prick who had a rake of cocktails that says ‘will we just split it?’