“OK, Apology Made, Move Along Folks”


AS survivors still trawl through the Mother & Baby Homes report that was handed to government in October 2020 and only given to survivors after it was first leaked to the media, the Taoiseach confirmed that with an apology made, there is no need to dwell on any aspect of the report now labeled ‘a whitewash’, ‘unprofessional’ and ‘offensive to victims.’

“These women have finally been heard,” said a government that is refusing to listen to them now and will now seek to wrap this all up before the public gets wind of just how terribly and shamefully this was handled.

“The report finally acknowledges survivors,” one government member said of the report, which actually in one instance (that we know of) found Commission personnel to have filled in a 220 question questionnaire ‘on behalf’ of a survivor without her knowledge.

“Yes, society has finally heard these people,” added another member of a government that is refusing to listen to any survivors’ complaints about how far short the report falls, how it uses offensive language and terminology about survivors and casts aspersions on their evidence.

“Surely there is no surer sign that Ireland’s culture of misogynistic silencing of women is over than in the fact that when these survivors detail the unimaginable torture both physical and psychological they were subjected to, that they had their children forcibly taken from their arms against their will by nuns, the Commission said ‘yeah, but where’s the evidence?'”

“Ireland owes you an apology,” added the Taoiseach, who the public is currently asking to stop performing an apology and actually listen to the survivors.

Quite perplexed by the sight of an Irish public that refuses to follow orders and just shut up and move on, the government, in a bid to take the heat off themselves and create a neighbouring distraction, is believed to be asking Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly to open his mouth again.