Local Man Not Proud Of How Excited He Is To Try New Can Of De-icing Spray


“COME at me, snow!” exclaimed Waterford man Eamon Buaillin through gritted teeth this morning, daring the weather to turn frosty so he can unleash his arsenal of newly acquired snow and ice equipment on it.

Armed to the gills with a new snow shovel he purchased in May of last year, always wisest to buy these things before everyone rushes to the shops for them after a snowfall, he explains, and a car de-icing kit that the kids got him for Christmas, Buaillin has admitted a dorky glee in the notion that some day soon, he will rule the icy wastelands of the east Waterford suburbs.

“I just keep thinking back to all the times I had to scrape my windscreen with my credit card just to show enough of the road to drive to work, and now I have a special 6 inch scraper with soft foam grip just waiting to go” said Buaillin, caressing the multi-directional nozzle of a can of de-icing spray longingly.

“And when there was that big snow a few years back and everyone was out clearing their paths with scrapers and shovels and all I had was a little yellow spade that the kids use for making sandcastles, well, that won’t be the case this year. Whatever else is going on in my life, whatever else this year throws at me, I know that when it comes to spraying de-icer into the keyhole of my car so I can turn the key in it and open the door, I’m sorted”.

“I know I have central locking and don’t need to actually use the key”, he added staring grimly at a disappointingly mild, snow free sky. “But I’m not going to use it”.