Man Hopes Wife Likes Christmas Present Wife Picked Out For Herself


AS the big day looms ever closer, Waterford man Shea Canning is beginning to get nervous about whether or not his wife Caroline will appreciate everything he went through to get her the perfect Christmas presents, from following the links that she sent him in October, to taking them in from the delivery driver all by himself.

“You can never tell if you’ve got it right” said Canning, wrapping whatever the hell this make-up eye shadow thing is that Caroline had picked out for herself.

“All you can do is hope that you followed the delivery instructions correctly, that whoever packed the parcels did it right and that Caroline hasn’t changed her mind since she pointed things out in shops and said ‘get me this in this exact size, nothing to the left or right of it, this exact thing’. So y’know, fingers crossed”.

Canning was also thankful for his wife’s ability to wait for her desired gifts to be on sale, as well as the use of her Boots card to ‘get the points for it’, whatever that means.

“After going through all this effort, I hope she appreciates it” sighed Shea, perhaps referring to the 12 months of spam he’s about to receive from Sephora asking him if he wants more of the same lipstick he just bought.

Meanwhile Caroline remains none the wiser about what Shea would like for Christmas, as he’s given absolutely no hints and shown zero interest in anything, save for the odd ‘I suppose’ grunt when she asked if he’d like a jumper or something.