Rita Ora Shows Off Her Stunning Curves In Lockdown Breach Apology


POP stunner Rita Ora flashed her ample cleavage during a heartfelt apology for breaking the lockdown rules put in place to keep people safe and healthy during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, WWN Celebz can confirm.

Ora, who had thrown a bash to celebrate her 30th birthday in direct contravention of guidelines, looked super sexy as she put the faux pas down to ‘an error of judgement’, creating a dilemma for tabloid newspapers who were unsure whether to tear her down for her misgivings, or flash unrelated images of her wearing skin-tight outfits to draw in clicks and newspaper purchases.

“We love ripping into rich, famous young people, but we also love the way their bodies make our job really easy so this is quite the pickle for us” said a spokesperson for a red top tabloid in an exclusive interview with WWN.

“So we could go full ‘moral superiority’ and do our best to ruin Rita’s career, or we could just plaster pics of her at events down through the years with a headline that suggests that this is her at her 30th, nobody reads these things anyway, and sit back and let the hate clicks roll in. We hold this woman’s career in our hands and to be honest, if she was just a little bit not as good looking as she is, we’d destroy her”.

Meanwhile Ora has been placed under a level of scrutiny reserved for young female artists, as opposed to the one set aside for male government aides.