Local Man’s Unused Tesco Computers For Schools Voucher Now Worth Millions


ONE LOCAL man’s collection of old unclaimed Tesco ‘computers for schools’ vouchers have been appraised by antique experts, estimating that when adjusted for inflation their worth runs into the millions of euros.

“My granny left me hundreds of them in her will but I never thought anything of it,” explained the lucky voucher collector, Sean O’Connor, who could now buy a controlling stake in Apple, nevermind a late 90s/early 00s Apple Mac.

Tesco’s computers for schools programme, a very popular voucher programme required parents of pupils to collectively spend more than the US government does on its military in Tesco stores in exchange for vouchers which could see a school get a computer worth about 500 quid.

With many schools still chronically underfunded, O’Connor could sell the vouchers in a bidding war among schools and parents who only want the best for their children.

Such is the value of the vouchers O’Connor now travels with armed guard and has the steel case containing the vouchers handcuffed to his wrist at all times.

“I take a risk every time I go out the door, fearing I’ll be mobbed by grandparents looking to rob the vouchers to give to their grandchildren, so really I’m just looking to sell them to an interested party as soon as possible,” confirmed O’Connor.

Former pupils of Irish schools often speak of the legend of the Tesco voucher scheme, which began in 1998, with the more far fetched stories including claims of their school actually receiving a computer.