Is This Going To Be A Cartoon Of Muhammad Or Do We Value Our Lives?


AS HUMANITY enters its 5,220th consecutive year of trying and failing to reason with religious extremists of all shapes, sizes and creeds, WWN is weighing up whether this is going to be a cartoon of Muhammad or something else, as we contemplate the fragility of our own existence which could be snuffed out at any moment.

Is this blank page going to become a cartoon, or after careful consideration, which shows preferential treatment to the sanctity of our bodies, born of a desire to continue breathing, maybe it could be a really nice picture of a tree or something?

A kitten caught mid-sneeze? Or Emmanuel Macron crying because no one will buy his cheese?

Or maybe we could have the best of both worlds with a Schrodinger’s Muhammad in this black box:

Is it a cartoon of a religious figure inside the box or is it an image of something mean about Taylor Swift? And which will result in even more death threats?

Or maybe it’s a picture of a hologram of Robert Kardashian? Or will we again lean towards showing considerable bias toward remaining alive and reveal that it is and always was a few puppies instead?

Oh, like you could do better? Fuck you! That’s pretty decent for a quick five minute effort. What were you expecting Di Vinci doggos? Everyone’s a critic. At least we’re still alive.