Local Man Decides To Squint For Rest Of His Life Instead Of Getting Glasses


DENYING all accusations that he is being stubborn and obstinate, one local Waterford man has vowed to condemn himself to a life of strained squinting instead of getting his eyes tested, WWN can reveal.

Cormac Carton (53) has in recent years felt a serious decline in his vision, finding it increasingly hard to see things that are further than 10 feet away in full and sharp focus, however, any suggestion he improve his quality of life immeasurably by getting a pair of glasses have been dismissed.

“I’m grand, I can see what the sign said, I was just asking you if you also knew what the sign said,” Carton said to his daughter Louise, who has spent much of her time in recent years correcting and pointing out things to her father.

“I’ve always had good vision,” snapped Carton, referring to the time that stretched from the year of his birth up until about 15 years ago when he knew deep down his vision weakened.

Opticians WWN spoke too have reassured people like Carton, suggesting that the process of undergoing an eye exam and getting glasses is easy and far from a big hassle.

“Hmmm, maybe I’ll give you a shout in 15 years when I’m an auld fella, these eyes see just fine,” Carton told one optician who looked like an amorphous blob that could have been a man, woman or post box for all he knew.