Make-A-Wish Kid Asks To Give Jake Paul One Good Punch In The Face


BRAVE teenager Mikey Sklopolski has been brought by the Make-A-Wish foundation to the Calabassas home of YouTube sensation Jake Paul, to fullfil his desire to ‘put that fucker’s jaw sideways’.

Sklopolski, who is battling a rare and potentially fatal form of advanced testicular largeness, turned down the opportunity to meet John Cena or go to Disneyland in favour of hitting Paul with ‘one good sucker punch’ after reading about the social media star’s long history of bullshit and general punch-friendly demeanour. 

The surprise assault may take some time to carry out given Paul’s current trouble with the law, which included a raid by FBI agents on his home in the early hours of this morning; but the waiting time is being put to good use.

“Thumb outside your fist Mikey, good boy. Don’t let your massive balls get in your way” said a Make-A-Wish representative, showing the 14-year-old how best to throw a dig.

“Wait until he’s within your range. Just picture any one of his YouTube videos, and put it all into your delivery. Try and clip him with your elbow as you follow through, you can do it!”.

Although Make-A-Wish are doing everything they can to make Mikey’s dream of punching Jake Paul come true, they have admitted that he may have to settle for punching Jake’s older brother Logan.

“I don’t give a fuck which of these cunts I punch,” stated brave Mikey, cracking his knuckles. “First one that shows up is getting these hands”.