Summer 2020: A Guide


AS Ireland prepares to roll into a very different summer than the one we were expecting, WWN have compiled the following guide to making sure you get as much out of the season as possible, Covid-19 be damned!

Whatever the next few months have in store, you can enjoy a brilliant summer with your family by simply:

1) Going on holiday as normal

It really looked like the Coronavirus outbreak was going to put the brakes on foreign travel this year, but thankfully everything seems to have calmed down to the point that you and your family can jump on a plane and head to the sun as normal. The more cautious among you may want to pick a destination that didn’t really hit the headlines at the height of the (now thankfully over) pandemic; so that may rule out Italy and Spain, but what about Croatia? Did they even have Covid-19? We didn’t see them on the news that much, so you’re probably good to go!

2) Staycationing

Not heading abroad? You can always ‘staycation’ here in Ireland, as travel restrictions around the country have already been lifted, we think. It’s not all that clear right now. But we’re pretty sure that if you have a holiday home (or the use of one!) down the country, you’re free to head there and mix in with the locals as much as you want. Your alternative is staying in your house, and we’ve all had enough of that shit, right?

3) The kids

It’s not looking great for summer camps this year, which means a lot of hassle for parents who really needed their kids out of their sight for at least a few hours a day. Luckily, there’s plenty of options when it comes to sticking your kids in front of a TV or a tablet of a video game console for nine hours a day. Should that fail, let them out with their pals in the neighbourhood to play football, sneeze all over each other, just have a great time. This would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago during the first and only wave of Covid-19, but again; you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Everyone has decided it’s not an issue. Relax!