Debunked: We’re All In This Together


THE SPREAD of misinformation has never been so great and so WWN’s fact checking team is regularly asked by readers to verify or debunk rumours swirling around WhatsApp, Facebook and beyond.

Yesterday we confirmed that 5G is giving you an itchy arse and turning your milk sour, today we tackle a longstanding rumour being circulated throughout Ireland and its local community, a message even spread from people in the most important positions of government and various industries and disciplines; we’re all in this together.

Verdict: It is difficult to outright verify the veracity of this claim but the gossamer thin belief that ‘we’re all in this together’ was briefly true for a handful of seconds as a positive sentiment which ultimately had real world meaning.

How did we arrive at this conclusion? While there is overwhelming evidence of monumentally generous and selfless acts, there is also Sean Tierney who had a raging gaff party as early as the 4th of April and reported that it was ‘banter central’.

Secondly, who posed for a photo like this, at a time like this? Reckless and hygienically unsound. Bit of fucking cop on.

The overwhelming solidarity, sacrifice and sense of the collective initially displayed certainly gave rise to the notion we’re all in this together but then the Taoiseach had a hop off people receiving welfare so that was that.

Briefly gardaí were elevated to a rare plain of respect never before experienced, well, that was until David Helgin was asked why he was drink driving away from a nearby pub that was meant to be close, at which point Mr Helgin confirmed that the arresting officer was in fact ‘a cunt’.

Yet more evidence of a lack of all-together-ness comes in the form Monica Hickey, who was nearly in tears only a few weeks ago watching how Britain and the US politicians seemed almost happy to snuff out the elderly but is now on Facebook non-stop screaming ‘they were going to die anyway, I need me fecking roots done pronto’.

Further proof can be found in a letter signed by 1,000 scientists urging the government to rethink the accelerated reopening of the Irish economy stating that the current strategy will be more damaging in the long term to the economy and will fail in snuffing out Covid spread. Typical fucking nerds.

New businesses, charities and community groups sprouted up around the country all aimed at helping people who needed it most, and the government implemented a programme of emergency welfare payments. However, this positive wave of emotion was short lived ‘cus sure didn’t Cliona Prendeville take the absolute piss with her sleepovers with the boyfriend the other side of the city. Not to mention the sleepover with not-her-boyfriend as well.

Tomorrow: we fact check the claim that despite explaining nine times already that 5G is safe, doesn’t cause Covid-19 or cancer and isn’t a mind control beacon, did 5G actually cause Covid-19?