America Great Again


WITH just six months of his four year term as US president left to run, Donald Trump has proven his critics wrong and single handedly turning a once turmoil ridden and poverty stricken nation around, while managing to unite even the most unlikely of foes in harmony, replicating the good old days of old, WWN misreports.

It’s the news every American had been eagerly anticipating ever since the former bankrupt businessman known for racially discriminating against black tenants and being accused of multiple accounts of sexual assault won the 2016 US presidential election; America is officially, undeniably great again.

“They say history repeats itself and it couldn’t be more true; the perfect blemish free harmony America has always been famous and respected for around the world is back,” Trump approved scientists monitoring the re-greatening of America these past four years universally concluded.

“We’ve the racial togetherness of the 1960s, the robust employment numbers of the late 1920s, and the leadership of Germany in the early 1930s, every great American box greatly ticked Americanly,” the scientists added, now defending their laboratory with AR-15 assault rifles from opportunistic looters while avoiding dozens of police stamped rubber bullets whizzing by their terrified heads.

True to his selfless self, President Trump is refusing to take any of the credit for the current successes being enjoyed and observed by an appreciative American public, instead giving all the praise to the anti-fascist group, ANTIFA, and his favourite news agencies, including CNN.

Trump did, however encourage everyone to take his word for it that America was great again and instructed people looking out their windows or turning on the news in search of proof to stop immediately, while also confirming that the meaning of ‘up’ and ‘down’ and ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are to be altered in all US dictionaries starting from today.