Donate To Gemma O’Doherty & John Waters Legal Costs Fund Here


THIS IS an emergency appeal from the editorial board of WWN:

Free speech has never been more important, and the cost of speaking out has never been so great.

Anyone switching on their TVs, or scrolling through their phones will have been brought to tears by the news that shook the world and made other issues look ridiculously trivial; Gemma O’Doherty and John Waters have been ordered to pay the legal costs of their failed High Court challenge over the constitutionality of laws relating to lockdown restrictions in Ireland.

This is the greatest injustice perpetrated on anyone since the formal invention of injustice in 1990 when Toto Schillaci scored against Ireland in the World Cup.

In America this past week we’ve seen attacks on journalists; fired upon by police armed with tear gas and rubber bullets. And it is worse still here in Ireland; Gemma O’Doherty has been called ‘a dose’ and ‘not a journalist’ by people using words and definitions from a George Soros funded dictionary.

Gemma and John need your help. This can’t be allowed to happen, and so we are reaching out to freedom loving patriots everywhere; help John and Gemma with their substantial legal bill.

Please click any of the following links below in order to contribute to Gemma and John. Each donation carries with it the power of 1,000 Irish tricolours fornicating with freedom on a decadent rug made from the body hair of Michael Collins:

Gemma and John thank you.