“This Isn’t The Last You’ve Heard Of Me” Cackles O’Doherty Leaving Court On Broom


FLEEING reality on a broom at a dizzying pace, professional waster of Irish courts’ time, money and resources, Gemma O’Doherty, vowed this wouldn’t be last the fed up and disinterested Irish public would hear of her.

Taking a case against the State over Covid-19 lockdown, flanked by a bag of wispy hair swept up off a barber’s floor by the name of ‘John Waters’, O’Doherty failed in her legal challenge with the presiding judge suggesting that O’Doherty should make her way back down the very same yellow brick road she came from.

“Please stop wasting the whole country’s time here and get out of my court you battleaxe… and you can bring that other yoke with you,” Mr Justice Charles Meenan told the Anti Corruption Ireland party member, referring to John Waters, who had once lived as a cat until O’Doherty gave him human form several years ago.

“I’m being silenced,” retorted O’Doherty, now summoning her broom and putting on a pointy black hat, “phsswissh wisssh wissssh, come on, John, hop on, they’ve clearly gotten to the judge. Let’s spin back to my Dalkey lair and count how many donations we’ve gained this week from our idiot subscribers”.

Tragically, on her broom ride home while streaming to followers, O’Doherty collided with a Bill Gates built, George Soros funded 5G tower sending her off course and crashing into a nearby HPV vaccine clinic, injecting her with dozens of cervical cancer vaccines.