Ireland Struggling To Flatten The Stupidity Curve


DEFINITIVE proof that a stupidity pandemic is at risk of spreading throughout Ireland came in the form of tricolour wielding troglodytes crowding together outside the Four Courts in Dublin, valiantly defying the urge to remain healthy and alive.

“George Soros dropped a radioactive 5G bat into some soup just to trick you sheep into getting a vaccine,” frothed one proud protesting patriot brandishing an Ivory Coast flag and an IQ deficit.

Waving copies of the constitution and with the non-existent section ‘the children of Ireland reserve the right to contaminate old people and the infirm’ heavily underlined, the future customers of Masseys funeral home are thought to be the main cluster responsible for the failure to flatten the current stupidity curve, outside of rumours being forwarded in WhatsApp groups.

“This lockdown must end now,” confirmed another patriot social distancing from her remaining brain cells, who’s actions and subsequent coughing will directly lead to the lockdown being extended by a further 3 years or so.

Concerned members of the public who saw images of the court-side protest circulating online have appealed to authorities to redeploy garda resources away from shutting down Debenhams workers observing social distancing while protesting job losses with no redundancy and towards scenes such as the highly competitive Idiot Olympics outside the Four Courts.

“Technically you have to have had a functioning brain to be counted among the Covid-19 infection and death figures, so these walking advertisements for adult abortions won’t be listed when they kick the bucket, but those they infect sadly will,” confirmed one health professional, who honestly can’t believe this shit.

The protest, initially mistaken for an amateur theatre group’s live on street staging of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, is sadly not expected to be the last reported case of the highly infectious stupidity disease.