Local Man Hooked Up To Drip Containing Liquidised Supermacs Meal


HEALTH officials have warned Supermacs fans to seek professional help if they’re opting to intravenously inject meals directly into their bloodstream after one Waterford man performed the procedure at home, WWN can confirm.

Mere seconds after his chicken sandwich meal was delivered, city centre resident Michael Walsh blended the contents of his favourite meal deal into a drip bag before mainstreaming it into his arm.

“You have to order a large Coke to help the meal itself breakdown in the blender,” Walsh advised fellow eaters online in a video labeled ‘how to inject Supermacs into your blood stream’, “once the chicken sandwich meal is totally broken down you then have to sieve the particles out of it using a pair of old tights. Then, and only then, funnel your meal into the drip bag and hey, voila, pure base Supermacs”.

Practitioners have since warned people not to try this at home as particles could cause blockages in their arteries and cause a stroke, however, that didn’t stop hundreds of other people from trying the quick hit.

“I feel like I’ve just had twenty Christmas dinners in a row – the right side of my face is drooping, but its totally worth it,” another eater man reported.

The fast food chain announced it will provide delivery, drive-through and a drive-and-collect services at a number of its outlets across the country after closing last month due to social distancing concerns, but didn’t specify whether it would provide free drips and hypodermic needles for hardcore fans who want to get the full bang from their meals.