Mother’s Day Extended Into Three Week Wine And Netflix ‘Mother’s Season’


SPECIAL laws have been put into place by the government to extend ‘Mother’s Day’ into a month-long event, much like the Queen’s Jubilee or Shark Week, WWN can confirm.

With the current Coronavirus lockdown grounding families across the country, families have been ordered to pamper and praise their mammies on a daily basis until further notice, with no questions asked if Mum wants an hour to read a book, watch Netflix, or crack open a bottle of wine at half two in the day.

Dads and kids across the country are said to be ‘all on board’ with the extended Mother’s Day celebrations, after noting during the first week of lockdown just how utterly screwed they’d be without her.

“If it had just been me and the kids last week, we’d have cracked up around Tuesday” said one Waterford Dad we spoke to.

“So without a doubt, Mum can have a bath for an hour every night while listening to murder podcasts with scented candles lit, and then she can lie up and watch reality TV on Netflix eating chocolate all night, in the knowledge that she’s getting a lie-on the next morning. Anything, as long as she keeps up the work she does all year round when we get back to normal”.

There’s no indication as to when Mother’s Season is going to stop, but Mums across Ireland have stated that there’s “no rush”.