“Coronavirus Worst Thing To Happen To China Since The Chinese Government” WHO Confirm


AS Covid-19 makes its way to Italy, forcing the shutdown of towns across the country, the World Health Organisation has confirmed that in China the virus remains the worst thing to happen to the Chinese people since the Chinese government.

“It is as fast acting and as devastating a threat to life as Xi Jinping and his ruling Communist Party,” confirmed a WHO spokesperson, stressing for the first the true menace of the virus.

WHO confirmed they felt the comparison adequately highlights the ongoing threat the virus represents and gives it the horrifying context needed to best explain the ongoing impact.

“We’re not yet saying the final body count will be ‘oppress the people, crush dissent, cover it all up’ levels of punishment that the Chinese government metes out, but hey, we might be there before too long,” added the WHO, while confirming the Chinese people just can’t catch a break.

With the news that the unabated spread of the virus hangs like a dark shadow over day to day life, oppressing people’s freedom to assemble in public and carries with it the ability to snuff life out at a moment’s notice just as the Chinese government does, many people confessed that they had no idea things were really that grave.

“Are we talking imprisoning and torturing Chinese Muslims bad, Tiananmen Square bad or even nastier shit we’ll never learn about bad?” queried one concerned international observer.

Elsewhere, it has been confirmed that okay, Coronavirus is not so funny anymore now it’s affecting white people.