Local Man To Go For Walk, Worry About Things While Outside For A Change


TAKING his friend’s advice that a bit of fresh air would help him take his mind off his stresses and his woes, Waterford man Brian Sterling is away up the coast road where the bracing sea air will more effectively allow him to concentrate fully on his stresses and his woes.

“It’s amazing, ” sighed Sterling, the cool sea breeze washing over him just like the ever-present hassles that dog him on a daily basis.

“Back home, I was just a ball of worry and anxiety, but now I’m a ball of worry and anxiety, and very aware of the fact that I should have brought a jacket”.

Sterling, 32, is currently experiencing heightened pressures from both his work and his fractious relationship with his girlfriend, prompting his pals to advise an intensive dose of pedestrian activity ‘away from it all’.

However, the Waterford native quickly found that thanks to the miracles of modern technology, he can stay up to date with stressful work emails and angry WhatsApp messages from his partner, no matter if he’s breathing air that is fresh or otherwise.

“It’s great that I had an opportunity to add the threat of rain to my already highly tense day” mused Sterling, who will almost certainly get pissed down on in the next five minutes.

“But still, great advice from all the lads. Don’t limit your worrying to interiors. Get out there into the great outdoors. Spread the worry around. Have equal amounts of exterior, free range woe in your life”.

Meanwhile, a new study has shown that advising your depressed friends to ‘get some fresh air’ is much easier than trying to convince politicians that mental health services should actually exist for people in Ireland.