Leaders Profiles: Mary Lou McDonald


VOTING in Ireland’s general election on Saturday? Hungry for yet more information of the leaders of Ireland’s largest parties? Get to know Sinn Féin’s leader in detail below:

Name: Mary Louise McDonald

Age: 50

Party: Diet Sinn Féin

Superpower: Has the lowest center of gravity of any living TD.

Favourite inspirational quote: the entirety of the Proclamation as read by Liam Neeson, on repeat, for 24 hours.

Pastimes: Big into movies. All kinds of genres; Patriot Games, In The Name Of The Father, Michael Collins, The Devil’s Own.

Key message to public: Change the change so change can change change.

Most likely to say: “I’ve spoken to Gerry Adams about the hair, but you know how he is at times.”

Least likely to say: “Yeah, fair cop, our economic policies don’t add up either.”

Bonus facts: Didn’t audition for B*witched back in the day, where you hear that? Louis-fucking-Walsh probably? She was robbed, sang a Europop version of Come Out Ye Black and Tans, “it’s too political” says he, the west Brit prick.

Her favourite font is Comic Bobby Sands. Has no bank account; keeps all her money in what she describes as being ‘definitely not a grab-and-run bag’. Puts on a nordie accent when heading to the disputed territories. Has had a full articulated lorry license since she was 16. Unlike Gerry, freely admits being a member of the IRA.