Kim Jong Un’s Horse Dies Of Exhaustion


A WHITE horse pictured carrying North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in recent footage has reportedly died from suspected exhaustion, the country’s central news agency has claimed.

North Korean media released footage of Kim Jong Un’s horseback ride around the historic Mount Paektu volcanic peak last week, but confirmed the animal died of ‘internal injuries after enduring a heavy load’.

It is also understood that Jong Un has since ordered the horse to be executed for trying to embarrass him, despite it already being dead.

“The horse suffered two fractured legs and a broken back after carrying our Great and Glorious Leader,” the KCNA reported. “The horse is believed to have been faulty and weak, like an American horse, and was no match for the sheer power and strength of Kim Jong Un”.

Not one to flog a dead horse, the North Korean leader ordered several military tanks to line up and fire shells at the animal’s lifeless carcass in a blistering show of might, before feeding its remains to hundreds of starving onlookers, who later cheered at guards tasked with throwing the horse meat at them.