Weinstein Tells Judge She Could Have A Decent Acting Career If She Looks After Him


FORMER movie mogul and renowned sexual predator Harvey Weinstein has approached the female judge of his upcoming rape trial and informed her that she’s got just the look he’s been searching for, and that there’s a role for him in his next picture if she plays her cards right.

“Mr. Weinstein, this is exactly the kind of thing that has you in front of me in court, do you understand?” stated the judge, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

“Please sit your gross arse the fuck down, or I’ll find you in contempt of court”.

Weinstein, not used to having his advances spurned, subsequently returned to his seat in court where he was heard grumbling loudly about how some women ‘don’t know what’s good for them’, adding that the judge ‘should have known better than to say no to him’.

“Nobody says no to Harvey Weinstein, nobody!” groused Weinstein, currently being investigated for all the sexual crimes.

“I was offering her a great role in an upcoming picture, and all I wanted in return was these damn charges dropped, and maybe a blowjob too. Who does she think she is? I’ll make sure she never works in this town again. This is the last trial of a disgraced former movie executive she’ll ever preside over!”

The judge has informed WWN that if this is in fact the last time she gets a chance to send a scumbag producer to jail, she’s going to make the most of it.