Irish Rail’s Guide To Recycling


AFTER IRISH Rail confirmed on Twitter yesterday that all the coffee and tea cups they use are recyclable but that they don’t actually recycle them because on closer inspection they aren’t actually recyclable in Ireland and they weren’t recycling them in the first place anyway, the Irish public is even more keen to learn some recycling wisdom from the train service provider.

Additionally, refusing to let customers use their own ‘keep cups’ because they are not Iarnród Éireann branded keep cups has got people thinking these incidents are not in any way symptomatic of a wider trend of businesses offering token empty gestures instead of properly examining how they can reduce waste and carbon emissions.

We have so much to learn from Irish Rail, let your climate action awakening commence now with these simple, well-meaning tips:

1) Be sure to separate your food waste, plastics and glass into separate bins in your kitchen before tossing them all into one large black bin in the garden.

2) Thinking about altering your diet and opting for a plant based diet? Only eating the meat from animals that eat grass and other foliage could make the difference, go you!

3) Worried about your ‘carbon footprint’? Fret not, just take flights to and from cities you dislike, sparing other locations from the damaging effects of emissions.

4) To save on water usage take a quick shower instead of a bath. Then inexplicably leave your taps running all day while you’re out at work.

5) Trying not to use the fire at home as much as you did? Why not just build one large fire at the start of the year, chucking everything into it to keep it going all year round. Technically you will have lit one fire in a whole year.