Embarrassed Trump Thought Everyone Was Meant To Bring Nukes To NATO Meeting


TRYING to cloak his obvious embarrassment under a veil of bravado US President Donald Trump attempted to play off his attending a NATO meeting in London with a US military nuclear warhead.

“I thought… I mean, wasn’t I supposed to bring it? For, I dunno, a check up?” Trump said, before realising how stupid he sounded the second he uttered the words, leaving the other 28 NATO leaders sniggering at his expense.

“Emmanuel, Boris, Justin – somebody totally told me I had to bring one. I can’t remember who, but someone did, Angela maybe. What are you guys laughing at? Was I supposed to check it at the cloak room? And yeah, of course I know what NATO stands for, I’m just telling you now for no particular reason” Trump continued.

Clearly wounded, Trump’s bottom lip visibly wobbled with many witnesses claiming he remained on the verge of tears throughout the gathering, often seen tugging on the end of his shirt sleeves in what appeared to be an attempt at soothing and comforting himself.

The leader tried and failed to explain away the presence of a large and potentially devastating piece of nuclear arsenal, maintaining “I was totally pranking you guys like the Impractical Jokers guys, I can’t believe you fell for it”.

This latest ego-deflating misstep by president Trump has added to a trying few days for the Republican leader who recently declined to appear before his own impeachement hearings in the US, for fear he would make an excellent witness against himself while also criticising French President Emmanuel Macron for criticising NATO in more or less the same way Trump has done in the past.