Scientists Discover Black Hole So Massive It ‘Should Not Exist In Our Galaxy’


THE DISCOVERY of a mass 70 times greater than the Sun and 15,000 light years from Earth has confounded the world’s leading astronomers who claim it is twice the size of what was initially thought possible by scientists and that it has ceaseless destructive capabilities.

“This is the largest supermassive black hole ever discovered, and as we know with SBH’s, their gravitational pull is so strong there is no escape from it. It has the potential to destroy all of human existence,” explained professor Li Jang, one of the astronomers who made the discovery.

The searing orange mass continues to expand in density, giving it a horribly bloated look. It is also prone to gaseous excretions and its existence is perplexing the world’s leading scientific minds. However, despite assertions ‘something like this just couldn’t exist’ the black hole is very much here and operational in our galaxy.

“We can try to deny the potentially devastating effects a black hole can have but just remember an all-consuming force such as this is incapable of reason or empathy, some say it is the densest thing in the universe,” added Prof Jang.

The large mass of this discovery falls into a range known as the ‘pair instability gap’ where supernovae should not have produced it but experts have rubbished suggestions that if the black hole was placated somehow with compliments it may stop expanding and enveloping all in its path.

“This idea that some people think think we can wait around another 4 years and hope this existential force will have somehow shrink is ludicrous,” explained black hole expert physicist Abigail Simmons.