“It’s About Time Fine Gael Stood Up For Racist & Ignorant Views”


LOCAL RACISTS were relieved to discover ‘Jesus, you really can say anything these days’ provided you’re a Fine Gael candidate for the Wexford by-election as evidenced by the party’s ongoing support of Verona Murphy in the face of ignorant comments she made about refugees.

“So how’s this work? I send my CV to Fine Gael, put my all best racism in the cover letter? Then they laugh it all off? Sound,” confirmed one local man, who was glad a party was finally standing up for insidious intolerance.

While Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan ‘categorically’ disassociated himself from Murphy’s beliefs, he and his party colleagues have closely associated themselves with someone who thinks nothing of claiming Syrian children refugees fleeing war are likely to turn into terrorists if they’re not ‘deprogrammed’.

Speaking out against such disgraceful rhetoric, Fine Gael officials shrugged their shoulders and said “hey, if you’re polling well and on track to win a seat, that’s all we care about”.

“These comments are the sort of thing which would become a criminal offence under hate speech laws we’re looking to implement, so yeah, us doubling down on our support of a candidate saying this stuff must be pretty confusing for you guys,” added Fine Gael.

“See? Presuming every Muslim is an Islamic Terrorist is fine,” explained a Fine Gael official pointing towards a chart with ‘racism’ on the ‘defensible’ side and ‘falling off a swing’ on the ‘this sickens us to our core’ end of the scale.

Elsewhere, Fianna Fáil looking to pile in on criticising Fine Gael have been reminded of who they’re also running in a by-election.