Kevin Spacey To Play Prince Andrew In Season 4 Of ‘The Crown’


FRESH from the superb third season of the critical hit that is Netflix’s regal drama ‘The Crown’ comes the news all streaming fans wanted to hear; season 4 has been given the green light with filming already under way.

“The strained relationship between Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth II was further explored in season three, but for next season there will be a focus on the now adult Prince Andrew and we can think of no one better to portray such malignant ineptitude than Kevin Spacey,” shared the producers behind the drama which shows the royal family at their most noble and respectable.

While fans of the show might not be on board with the time jump from the 1960s and 70s to the present day or Spacey himself, there is a general acceptance that they’re confident they will have equal disdain for Spacey and the prince.

“Some would say he’s the prefect fit for the role, he’s no stranger to experiencing absolutely zero repercussions for his actions and they’re both creepy as hell,” shared one viewer, speaking about the casting news.

“The accent might prove difficult, but Kevin will have no trouble displaying Andrew’s complete detachment from the horrible and reprehensible things he’s alleged to have done,” added a Netflix executive.

Olivia Coleman, widely regarded as the finest actor in the world today, will return to play the Queen in season 4 and has already said acting like the Queen had no idea what her son was up to will be her toughest acting challenge to date.