These Irish MEPs Were Really Hoping You Didn’t Find Out They Voted To Just Leave Migrants To Die At Sea


FINE Gael MEPs Frances Fitzgerald, Séan Kelly, Mairead McGuinness and Maria Walsh are believed to have their fingers crossed, hoping against hope, the Irish voting public refrains from reading any articles detailing the fact they voted against a European Parliament resolution to provide greater resources and coordination to the EU’s efforts in ending the horror of migrants drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

The defeat of the resolution was greeted by gleeful cheers from Far Right MEPs that the Fine Gael members voted alongside, something Fitzgerald, Kelly, McGuinness and Walsh were beginning to think wasn’t exactly a ‘good look’.

“This isn’t how being an MEP is supposed to work,” one MEP shared on the condition of anonymity, “you vote us in, we piss off out of sight for five years; you’re not meant to check up on us at all, frankly this feels a bit like stalking.

“Okay, 1,100 people have drowned crossing the Mediterranean this year alone, but I don’t see why voting against measures to try and save their lives is anyone’s business,” added the MEP, who was also peeved at the fact Fianna Fáil MEP Billy Kelleher and Independent Clare Daly weren’t getting any backlash for not even bothering to turn up to vote.

The outpouring of outrage at the actions of the four Fine Gael MEPs has, however, brought into sharper focus the plight of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

“You’ve no idea what these people have been through… Jesus, you give one lousy vote to just leaving migrants die and suddenly everyone is giving out to you. I know if I had choice between being a migrant adrift at sea or being a poor bullied FG MEP, it’d be no contest – migrants have it easy by comparison,” shared one source within licking distance of Fine Gael’s hole.

If the actions of these MEPs have angered you, you can watch on in horror as Fine Gael secures another 5 years in charge at the next general election.