Center Parcs Welcomes First Non-Influencer


THE staff at Center Parcs in Longford were put on high alert this week following the arrival of their first-ever paying customer, after months of catering solely to social media influencers and bloggers.

Since it opened this summer, the adventure centre holiday park has received nothing but praise and good reviews from people who have been paid to give it praise and good reviews, making the arrival of the Kearnan family from Athboy Co. Meath a ‘do or die’ moment for the company.

Center Parcs chief Declan Center has warned his staff not to expect the usual level of social media praise and adoration from the Kearnan’s, unless they really earn it, but remained confident that the family will enjoy their stay.

“Filling the park with guests who were hand-picked social media influencers was good for a while, but we thought it might be an idea to start admitting paying customers” said Center.

“So it’ll be a nice test of the staff here, to see how they handle someone they don’t recognise off the telly, or some random Instagram blogger. Plus, it’ll be a good test of whether or not any of our stuff works, as we’ve only ever had people stand beside these things and take selfies”.

Places are available at Center Parcs for anyone who wants to have an incredibly expensive holiday in Longford, in October.