Desperate Parents Now Disguising Kids As Dogs To Avoid Creche Fees


WITH the price of childcare soaring to over €1,000 per month per child in some parts of the country, cash-strapped parents are formulating ingenious solutions to battle the costs, such as disguising their kids as dogs and tying them to lamp posts outside their work.

With little expected from Budget 2020 in terms of aid for working parents to tackle creche costs, families quickly copped on to the fact that they could make sure their kids were okay during working hours by simply applying a cheap doggy costume and some whiskers, to avail of cheaper care services.

“We did put little Fido, sorry, Fiona in the boarding kennel for a while, but every other parent wised up to the fact that boarding fees were half the price of creches and we lost our spot,” said one Waterford working parent we spoke to.

“So now, I have to bring her to work with me. Sometimes she stays under the desk. I tell my co-workers that my dog is with me because we’ve builders in or whatever. Other days I just tie her to a lamp post outside, where I can see her from the window and check in every now and then. Leave her a bowl of water, that kind of thing”.

With many businesses wising up to the doggy-childcare scheme, parents have had to come up with even more ingenious solutions, such as disguising their kids as lamps, or ‘a visiting CEO’.