Try This Delicious Recipe For Halal Coddle


WITH the unstoppable Islamification of Western Europe currently underway, according to a Facebook post your aunt shared, you may be wondering how this will affect the day-to-day lives of ordinary decent, hard working Irish people; in particular, what does it mean for the nation’s favourite meal, a nice steaming hot coddle.

Consisting of delicious boiled sausages, thin white gravy and oodles of soft floppy rashers, coddle throws up a number of problems under Sharian Culinary Law, meaning that in order to abide by the new laws set to come into play any day now, some changes are going to have to be made.

“Coddle is currently the food of the infidel; it must be made in a halal fashion, or not made at all, ” said the CEO of a government funded halal meat company, according to an article on the liberal. ie website.

“Death to all who do not abide by the following rules when preparing this dish!”.


Linda McCartney Sausages

Turkey Bacon


Coddle juice

Step 1

Boil the Linda McCartney sausages, turkey bacon, and carrots in a pot of coddle juice. As they contain no pork, Linda McCartney sossies are not only Halal, but also less packed with cholesterol. The turkey bacon must be certified Halal; luckily, all supermarkets will be forced to be Halal from 2020, when the globalist master plan to eradicate humanity swings into play, all funded by George Soros.

Step 2

If you cannot buy a carton of coddle juice, you can make your own by leaving water in a dish for a week.

Step 3

Cook for nine hours, remembering to make time to bow to Mecca several times during the day.

Step 4

Serve on a bed of torn-up Easter Rising proclamations and enjoy with a nice glass of the tears of your children.

Coddle is just the first Irish foodstuff to be Hallallified ahead of 2020, with Tayto and Lyons tea to follow. Please share this with as many of your followers as you can, so they can react in a calm and accepting manner. Should they feel the need to add anything to the recipe to make it even more inflammatory, there are currently no laws against this.