This Man Unfollowed Gemma O’Doherty And Her Posts Simply Vanished Overnight


AFTER months of endless bickering with right-wing supporters under various Gemma O’Doherty social media posts, Waterford man Conor Whealan has claimed to have found an end all solution to avoiding the former human being’s ongoing tirade.

“I unfollowed her and she simply went away,” the astonished 27-year-old explained his ingenious move. “Who’d have thought that something so simple as unfollowing someone could stop their content from appearing on your timeline? Mad!”

It is understood that the son of two originally followed O’Doherty after a series of racially motivated posts were flagged by like minded friends earlier this year and he somehow got ‘sucked’ into what he now calls a ‘vortex of horse shit’.

“In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have followed a right wing fascist whose sole existence is based on people following and engaging with her content,” he admitted.

“Now that I don’t see any of her posts anymore, does Gemma O’Doherty even exist at all?”

Experts confirmed that not seeing content that conflicts with your world view can decrease your outrage with such content by as much as 100% in some cases, sparking the notion that giving questionable people the time of day may actually be counterintuitive.

“Just stop following the wagon and she’ll go away,” one expert concluded.