50% Of Irish Public Demanding More Homes, Other 50% Objecting To Them


AS 50% OF the people that make up local Irish communities come together to highlight the lack of affordable housing and rental properties in Ireland, the rival other 50% of communities have banded together to confirm that while such housing is needed they would much prefer if it wasn’t built within a hare’s breath of their locality.

“It’s great to see such a clear message coming from large groups of concerned Irish citizens; government and local authorities can be in no doubt we want and we desperately need affordable housing options for young people today and in the years to come,” confirmed one half of Irish people.

“We’re unified and every public official with skin in the game knows; if you try to build or okay the building of apartments over 5 inches in height we’ll object stating it’s an eyesore more disgusting and offensive than anything previously witnessed in the history of humanity, and yes, we’re even including horrific wars,” confirmed the other half.

With the unstoppable force of collective community action warmly greeting news of sustainable and needed housing regularly meeting the immovable object of equally large groups of people who don’t want ‘those type of people’ among other things in their area, it seems Ireland is at a stubborn impasse.

“Reasonable objections we can take, but they’re always at it,” confirmed those in favour of granting planning permission for homes.

“Could you imagine living next to that moaning every day? No thank you,” confirmed those currently lodging a fresh objection for a development that would ‘irreversibly change and damage the character of the area if they are allowed to go ahead with plans to trim several leaves off a nearby tree’.