‘No Smelly Dole Heads’ The List Of Discriminatory Ads Blocked From Daft.ie


THE country’s largest property website Daft.ie has been ordered by the Irish Human Rights Commission (IHREC) to block discriminatory advertising terms from appearing on its website.

The IHREC said it undertook a review of the website and identified a number of adverts it believed discriminated on housing, detailing the full list of banned phrases below:

  • No smelly dole heads.
  • Entire family history dating back 200 years.
  • Double barrelled surnames only.
  • Full clean blood test required.
  • Body dimensions needed before viewing shared rooms.
  • Car owners below 2010 reg need not apply.
  • Bath can double up as an adult bed. Sink for child.
  • Would suit young Catholic middle class family earning over 100k a year with obedient kids that don’t draw on walls, breathe.
  • Fingerprints required. DNA and sperm sample upon initial approval.
  • List of people we might know that you know.
  • Would suit South American student with poor English and is unfamiliar with Irish rental laws.
  • Dick pics on request.
  • No pets. Fully self contained kennels for human use only.
  • Furniture quite brown so may clash with foreign applicants.
  • Applicants with children must show marriage certificate to prove wedlock.
  • Would suit male and female couple.