The Tusla Guide To Irish Creches


AS MANY as 37 creche facilities are on the highest level of risk on Tusla’s risk register, according to information divulged by Tusla officials before a Joint Oireachtas Committee on Children and Youth Affairs.

What does this mean? It means all 37 creches are still operating as normal, completely uninterrupted and free to carry doing whatever they like until the next slap on the wrist comes along.

Such information is prompting concerned parents everywhere to seek guidance from the very body with responsibility for performing checks and inspections on creches. WWN put a series of questions to Tusla via email and we have provided their informative responses below:

“Think you have the wrong email pal, sorry. Are you looking for tourist information on the US city of Tulsa? We get these emails a lot.”

Not off to the best start.

“Honestly not sure why you’re asking us?”

Again, that was the response from the child and family agency Tusla, who are responsible for performing checks on creches throughout Ireland, when we asked if children are safe in the creche they currently reside in. They also said they were unaware Ireland had a Minister for Children and couldn’t locate his or her email address.

“You know yourself, could be a good creche, could be one where your child suffers untold psychological trauma. Bit of a lotto, isn’t it? Mad really”

Tusla continued.

“Ah sure, they’re only kids they won’t remember the horrible shit that happens to you as a kid that you carry with you for the rest of your life”

We didn’t ask a question in this case, Tusla just kept emailing us unprompted.

“Holy shit, follow up email. We get why you were asking us now – it’s like, totally part of our job or something, to like, know this shit. Sorry, wow, lol, this is so random. Looking back on the other emails, we kinda look bad, right?”

Tusla responded again a few days after our last correspondence.

“Tell you what, if RTÉ do another investigation, we’ll tell you all about what we knew in the days and weeks after that’s put out on television. Sound fair? In the meantime, have you considered dressing your child in bubble wrap?”

A thousand euro a month on childcare plus extra money on bubble wrap?

“This is an awful state of affairs that is in no way acceptable. Not least in 2019 in a developed country. We’ll hold our hands up on the occasions we have failed or fail people, and we won’t hide behind the ‘we need more powers’ excuse. It isn’t good enough. It wasn’t good enough. We’ll look into any failures and punish those responsible here and in creches”

This was the response for the tourist board of Tulsa, Oklahoma when we accidentally sent them an email in error.