POLL: Will You Vaccinate Your Children Against 5G?

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THE advent of a superfast 5G on our shores presents the next generation with a whole slew of potentially fatal baseless health problems, including broadband-induced head cancer, gut rot, and liverwurst.

To combat this, scientists PROBABLY ON THE SOROS PAYROLL have developed a 5G vaccine that will help inoculate our children and ourselves against the harmful effects of high-speed internet pornography and Skype calls that don’t drop… but who is to say that the vaccine itself won’t cause autism, stomach brain tumours, or even the dreaded fidget spinner?

It’s the question that we all must answer; do we sit back and let 5G cook us from the inside out, or do we vaccinate ourselves from it, handing over our free will to the government in the process? What’s in these vaccinations, anyway? Do you believe what a doctor tells you?! They’re on Monsanto’s dime, for fuck sake!

Vaccinate or don’t vaccinate… either way, it’s EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO!


POLL: Will You Vaccinate Your Children Against 5G?

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