Government Urge Students To Give Homelessness A Go To Avoid High Rents


WITH the mass exodus of culchies from the netherworld known as ‘not Dublin’ to Dublin fully underway, the Government has come out to advise college students coming to the capital to not rule out homelessness as a viable option going forward.

Trialed and tested on over 10,000 low earning citizens since 2011, Fine Gael detailed all the benefits of opting out of the ‘rental rat race’, in favour of ‘cosy sleeping blankets’ and ‘rainproof tents’.

“Students wishing to live in actual accommodation in Dublin will need wealthy parents,” Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy warned culchies, “the price of free education is at an all time high, so if you’re not rich, or a lottery winner, please consider homelessness for the few months of the academic year you’re up in the big smoke – see how ye get on”.

Detailing dozens of ‘good spots’ to lay down for the night around the city, Mr. Murphy said sleeping rough can be a great way to see the world, and will ‘give students a life lesson they could never buy while renting’.

The advice comes after a campaign by gardaí, the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) and the Banking & Payments Federation urging students to be vigilant over rental scams that could target them ahead of the new college year.

“Being street smart is a big part of growing up, so why not learn from the streets while also learning in college – it will look great on their CVs and everyone loves a good rags to riches story,” he concluded.