Court Hears How Grandchild Was Forced To Keep Quiet About €5


TIME is running out in the case of an 8-year-old Waterford child who was found in possession of a €5 note, with the prosecution team still unable to prove a credible link between the child, the money, and the child’s grandmother.

Now entering its third week, solicitors acting for little Harriet McKenner’s parents Marie and Derek have attempted to show that on the 18th of January of this year, the child was given a fiver by her ‘grandma’ and warned ‘not to tell anyone about it’.

Although the State has promised the child that she will be given the full protection of the law, a new identity and a new home, so far Harriet has refused to implicate her paternal grandmother, Eileen.

“79-year-old Eileen has been in court all week, and whenever little Harriet is asked who gave her the money, she looks over at her Grandma then says nothing” said a journalist, live-tweeting from the court.

“If they can’t pin this on Grandma, then she’ll get away scot free. This is the fiftieth case against this woman, and she’s walked on them all. The grandkids just will not rat on Nana, they will not tell their folks who gave them money, sweets, or toys. When Grandma says ‘don’t tell anyone I gave you that’, then that’s that. These kids will take that to the grave”.

With Old Mrs. McKenner expected back on the streets before the end of the week, it’s only a matter of time before her grandkid-enabled money laundering scheme gets back to full speed again.