New Airbnb Laws Immediately Solve Housing Crisis


NEW AIRBNB laws which came into effect yesterday have immediately solved the housing crisis with Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy receiving overdue praise from an undeserving and unworthy Irish public, sparking massive celebrations.

With Ireland failing spectacularly when it comes to meeting the required number of new house builds necessary to meet demand, it is thought new regulations aimed at Airbnb lettings has somehow solved this issue.

“We need 35,000 new homes built every year for the next decade according to some reports, and there’s only 5,000 homes on Airbnb affected by the new rules…I’m not great at math, but fuck me the government has done it. They’ve solved the housing crisis,” confirmed one overjoyed member of the public, who was thinking of sending Eoghan Murphy flowers as a thank you.

“Wow, I had no idea we didn’t need to radically overhaul government’s reluctance and role in building social housing, or stop pension and investment funds buying up apartments and taking them off the market for first time buyers. All we needed was to stop some random lad renting out his gaff for over 90 days in the year,” shared a relieved renter.

The Minister for Housing was unavailable for comment after suffering a dislocated shoulder during an attempt to pat himself on the back for the incredible job he is doing.