WWN At The Movies: We Review ‘Magdalene 2: Direct Provision’


FOLLOWING ‘Magdalene’ was never going to be easy; the tale of young women separated from their families and forced into labour while their children were sold to rich families or buried in unmarked graves drew rave reviews from critics around the world. However, the makers of ‘Magdalene 2: Direct Provision’ may have crafted a tale that stands side-by-side with its predecessor, while carving its own place in the world of record-breaking Irish dramas.

Like long-in-the-making sequels such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Was: The Force Awakens, M2:DP has taken over 20 years to come to life following the end of the Magdalene tale in 1996.

Described as less of a sequel and more of a ‘soft reboot’, Direct Provision retains all the well-known Magdalene tropes of forced segregation, miserable conditions, profiteering, government collusion, public apathy, the separation of families and a careless disregard for record keeping while adding fresh ideas such as racism, and racism.

Although critics have expressed dismay that M2:DP is a sign that Ireland may have ran out of fresh ideas for scandals, the makers have stated that the nation have expressed a clear desire to return to the type of storytelling that they can deny any knowledge of, despite it happening right in front of them.

With a tagline asking ‘How can the same shit happen in the same country twice?!” Magdalene 2: Direct Provision is rolling right now, and will be released in a few years time when the country is ready to be ashamed of itself again.