Jeremy Kyle Aftercare Team To Help Love Island Contestants


POPULAR television station ITV has put to bed any fears expressed by medical professionals and viewers that they aren’t taking the mental wellbeing of reality TV participants seriously with the sensible appointment of Jeremy Kyle and his crack team of aftercare specialists.

Love Island contestants will be given the full holistic care Kyle is famed for once they are booted out of the show and thrown to the lion pit of the internet comment sections and media, much to the relief of onlookers who were worried reality TV contestants might need the expertise and comfort provided by qualified professionals.

“Let it never be said we do not take this stuff seriously,” confirmed a source close to ITV, who never considered maybe holding off on a new series in light of several suicides of former contestants and other contestants who spoke publicly of struggling with anxiety and depression after the show.

The decision has been enthusiastically welcomed by viewers who are particularly passionate about abusing reality TV participants in comments under photos they post on social media.

“As long as I can anonymously bully and harass these people online with no repercussions for myself I’m happy,” confirmed one Love Island viewer who admitted to friends she is ‘buzzing’ for the news series’ start on Monday.