Converting Your Attic Into 19 Apartments, A Guide


HEY! You! Do you own a house? Would you like to make an incredible amount of money in a short period of time? Then converting your property into rental accommodation might be the thing for you!

With rent doing nothing but soaring and supply dwindling, it’s up to people like you to help out by converting your gaff into flats and giving as many people as possible the opportunity to pay you rent. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

1) Cram as many rooms in as possible

With the market starved for supply, the line between ‘apartment’ and ‘tenement’ has become like, super-blurry. Where before it would be frowned upon to stick 19 people in a converted attic space, these days it’s the norm. Multi-occupancy is the way forward; all you have to do is refer to each cubicle as a ‘studio apartment’ and you’ll have it filled in no time!

2) Not everyone needs a bed to themselves

Renters were spoiled during the downturn in the rental market for years; they expected a bed to themselves, cheap rent, a safe place to live and no fire hazards but now with the Good Times™ back again, a landlord can confidently ask that his tenants share a single bed. If one person works nights and the other works days, who’s missing out here, really? Nobody! This may be frowned upon, but if everyone else is raking in cash doing it, why shouldn’t you!

3) Renew your tenants regularly

Rent is going to just keep going up, so maximise your profits by turfing out your current tenants at every available opportunity. This will allow you to stick the property back on the market at an inflated price. Checks have been put into place to stop this from happening, but come on; it’s not like they’re being enforced. You can pretty much do whatever the fuck you want, so get your 3-bedroom house converted into a 19-bedroom apartment complex and start coining it in while the fun lasts!