Prince Louis Denies Paratroopers Were To Blame For Bloody Sunday In This Adorable Photoshoot


WOULD you look! The Royal Family has released a number of portraits of Prince Louis to commemorate his first birthday, in which the adorable tyke frolics in the summer sun while denying any responsibility on behalf of the British Parachute Regiment for the 1972 Bogside massacre known as Bloody Sunday.

Louis was taking part in the Windsor tradition of staging super-cute baby photoshoots to show that despite the taxpayer-funded lifestyle where nobody knows of want or hardship, and the shady military background that has wreacked bloody havoc across the globe for centuries, the Royals are just like any other family.

“He’s so much like the rest of the family” beamed Royal Nanny Eustice Wilmingham Tuber-Crottingsworth, looking on as the little Prince ate a Liga and steadfastly agreed with his Grandfather Prince Charles’ stance on the murder of 14 innocent protestors on that fateful winter afternoon.

“He’s got his father’s eyes, his uncle’s wit, and his grandfather’s unwavering belief that the regiment over which he was Colonel-In-Chief were justified in firing on a peaceful protest, indiscriminately killing men, women and children as they fled for their lives”.

Growing tired of the constant buzz around him, Prince Louis began yawning and reaching to be picked up by his dad Prince William for a hug and a lullaby and a story about how there were plenty of Parachute Regiment Troops killed in Northern Ireland too, you know.