Basshunter Killed During Basshunt


IMAGES have circulated online showing the moment renowned Eurodance DJ Jonas Erik Altberg was trampled to death by a pounding house beat while on a Basshunt in Germany.

The DJ, also known as Basshunter due to his love of hunting bass, had paid somewhere in the region of €10,000 to join the expedition, and had been hoping to bag himself a rare trance-funk hybrid when he met his untimely but quite catchy end.

Altberg, 34, received little sympathy from anti-hunting groups on social media, with many of them expressing glee at the death of a man who had spent his adult life as a hunter of bass.

“The hunter became the hunted, good enough for him” said one Twitter user, while sharing the image of Altberg’s mangled carcass.

“See how you like it!” wrote another, using the hashtag #Bass1BasshunterNil.

However the chart-topping DJ received a huge amount of sympathy from his native Sweden, where Basshunting is part of everyday life.

“There’s a lot of people reveling in Basshunter getting broken up like old furniture while hunting bass,” said Gulvag Derksonn, head of the Basshunting lodge where Altberg was a member.

“But they don’t realise that hunting Bass is a natural part of life in Sweden, and in many parts of the world where Bass runs rampant. The Bass population of any given area needs to be regulated, and Basshunting is the only way to ensure a healthy music scene with plenty of sick drops and uplifting choruses. Stop talking about shit you know nothing about”.

WWN would like to advise people against sharing the gruesome images of Basshunter online, out of respect for his widow, Basscooker.