Brendan Grace Mulling Over Election Run Following Ukraine Result


EMBOLDENED by the news of a comedian, Volodymyr Zelensky, becoming president elect of Ukraine after a landslide victory, proud Dubliner and much loved comedian Brendan Grace has decided to make a beeline for the Irish presidency.

As unpredictable trends in democracies across the world continue to shock the media and experts alike, there is every chance the man famous for his ‘bottler’ character and his Father Ted appearance could, like Ukraine’s Zelensky, amass over 70% of the popular vote.

“It’s true, if voting trends pan out along the lines of the current inexplicable desire of electorates to shoot themselves in the foot then Mr. Gracce will be Ireland’s president in no time,” explained one pollster and political expert WWN spoke with.

Zelensky’s victory over the incumbent Petro Poroshenko was, according to experts, the result of a familiar confluence of voter’s distrust of conventional politicians, persistent corruption and a collective madness, something which could be replicated here in Ireland with Grace.

“And if you thought ‘oh sure the President doesn’t really do anything in Ireland’, don’t worry, the current trends also suggest voters would have no problem tearing up the constitution to make Mr. Grace the head of a military dictatorship,” the pollster added, visibly worn out by the upheaval in Ukraine.

As of writing the Liberties man has yet to outline any policies whatsoever or hint at what marginalised or under-represented groups he would fight for, which has resulted in Grace’s rise to an 89% in the latest polls.